Designed Specifically for Active Wake Surfing, Wakeboard, Watersports and other small boat enthusiasts!

ezDrive Streamline H Thruster
ezDrive Thruster is a compact, powerful, energy efficient, thruster. It’s


and is designed to put you in total control of your boat! Allows you to U-Turn in under 10 seconds for increased swimmer safety and 30% less fuel usage!

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Horizontal Deluxe
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Horizontal Classic
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Our specifically designed equipment packages are available for every brand of boat and include full installation instructions and technical support.

Packages include all parts required for normal installation except battery cables which are optional.

ezDrive Thruster Mockups

We now have full-size ezDrive Thruster mockups that can be used to find the best position to mount the ezDrive thruster on your boat.

Once you find the ideal position, you can simply tape the mockup in place and remove the front portion of it. The remaining ‘drilling template’ will then be in the perfect position!

Test drive the BILT Interactive app on your smartphone or tablet

Scan the appropriate QR Code to see an OVERVIEW animation for ezDrive installation on your boat, detailed step-by- step instructions are provided upon purchase.


Select your desired model type from our Brand Matrix.





ezDrive Thruster Thrusters are ignition protected and use advanced technology such as waterproof cabling and connections, military grade components like our IP 69K illuminated joystick, vibration absorption, noise reduction materials, special mounting hardware and water flow nozzles for extreme performance and protection!

When it comes to external thrusters,

we pioneered the concept and we continue everyday as the leader, bringing innovation to the market!

ez To Control

The ez Drive thruster is equipped with the most advanced thruster controls.

Multi-Function Enhanced Mico Remote

Control EZ Drive Thruster and any other customizable functions
of your choice, from anywhere onboard.

ezDrive Military Grade Joystick

Advanced ez Drive technology: waterproof, dust-tight, even from close-range high-pressure, high-temperature spray downs. rated IP69k

Side Mount Throttle Control

Uniquely designed specifically to retrofit your boat
on a Pug-N-Play basis. Absolute and complete control at your fingertips.

Tow Boat Owners Love The ez Drive Thruster

Upgrade your Tow boat wake surfing experience today!

Easy To Install

The ultimate thruster for wakeboard boat power. Fits all brands of wakeboard boats.

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